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The Vancouver Society for the Promotion of the Liberal Arts (VSPLA) will offer its first Public Seminar on Great Thinkers in cooperation with the Vancouver Public Library and Simon Fraser University's Institute for the Humanities.

The seminar will be on PLATO'S REPUBLIC.

Most Tuesdays from Sept. 9th to Dec. 9th, 2014
10am-12noon at the Central Branch of the Vancouver Public Library
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The seminar is open to anyone interested in reading and discussing this provocative book. There are no lectures or extra reading assignments, just the ideas and issues that come from the seminar participants and Plato's Republic itself.

VSPLA's Public Seminars aim at fostering democratic community through engaged discussions of books that have reshaped paradigms of thought and ethical outlooks. Such books create community not because they are "right" or "indisputable", but rather because over time they have provided common reference points for people to discuss and debate how to co-exist with each other and the natural environment. The  Public Seminars emphasize the right of all students to speak. Seminar tutors are recruited on their ability to facilitate critical discussions rather than on the basis of their scholarly expertise. The goal of the seminar is not to produce "student-experts", but to foster well-rounded, engaging, and active members of democratic society whose insights become sharper by reading and discussing these books. The Public Seminar is rooted in the principles that 1) every individual is entitled to put forth viewpoints for others to consider; and 2) that every individual has an obligation to fairly engage those viewpoints. Therefore, the seminar mirrors what should occur in public: everyone should have an equal opportunity to speak, and others should listen to, consider, fairly critique, and adjust to others.

Board members of the Vancouver Society for the Promotion of the Liberal Arts:

Dr. Ed Hundert (Professor Emeritus, Dept. of History, U of British Columbia)
Ms. Carol Gibson (BC Law Society's Public Hearing Committee)
Dr. Marwan Hassan (Dept. of Geography, U of British Columbia)
Dr. John Harriss (School for International Studies, Simon Fraser U)
Dr. Shannon Hagerman (Inst for Resource, Environment, and Sustainability, UBC)
Dr. Christopher Stephens (Dept. of Philosophy, U of British Columbia)
Dr. Greg Feldman (School for International Studies, Simon Fraser U)

NB! The Vancouver Society for the Promotion of the Liberal Arts has no affiliation with its board members' institutions.